Oma was born in Toronto and moved to Los Angeles with her parents, at a young age. She works hard at gardening (Organic), playing the Piano, singing, skating, swimming, surfing, gymnastics, sketching & painting, and taking care of her cat, Lucky, and her chickens. Most importantly (according to her parents) she dedicated to her school work. She puts in a great effort to remain an ‘A’ student.

One can tell from her activities that she is a busy, fun-loving girl. With all that she is involved in, she somehow finds time to travel and discover new places and people. Growing up in Canada and the USA and traveling to over 15 countries she sees herself as a world citizen. One, who at this point can converse in four different languages and appreciate the differences in places and people around the globe.

She actively participates with her dad and his super team to develop healthy new products and is a decision maker for formulations that are marketed under her Oma’s Own brand.

The influence of her parents, relatives, teachers, neighbors and friends, and the experience gained from traveling and exposure to different societies, has contributed to her social awareness.

Oma knows that economic activity that is based on fairness and attention to our impact on the environment, makes for good business. She is pleased about the jobs that have been created at home and also in little villages in underdeveloped countries and so she thanks her mom, May, and relatives for their insight that was so critical in building our organization.