Mango & Strawberry Chips

All the goodness of mango chips combined with freeze dried strawberries. Double YUM!

A crunchy and tasty fruit chip which is free of-gluten, sulfite, cholesterol, added sugar or preservatives. Our innovative production methods allow for a chip that is 40% lower in fat than regular fried chip-a true alternative snack! These chips are made using just four, easy to pronounce ingredients-mango, non-GMO sunflower or rice bran oil and a pinch of sea salt. It takes 1 ½ pounds of fresh mango to produce one bag of chips.

Ingredients: Mango, Strawberry, non-GMO Sunflower or Rice bran oil, Sea salt.



No kids were harmed during the testing of our products-they’re still coming back for more 🙂

This is a pleasant alternative chip!