Jackfruit & Strawberry Chips

Jackfruit is known as the King of fruits. Perhaps this is so because of the combination of great taste and its’ enormous size. Some fruits tip the scale at over 80 pounds! A heavyweight like this does not grow on limbs, instead it grows on the tree trunk, base and major branches. We are told that the flavor has made the King of Fruits very popular with Royalty around the world and it reminds one of bananas/peaches/apples … try it and you can decide where the flavor fits.
Simple and clean ingredients-jackfruit, non-GMO sunflower or rice bran oil, a pinch of sea salt combined with the perennial favorite freeze dried strawberries. This product is free of gluten, sulfite, cholesterol added sugar and preservatives. Over 16 ounces of fresh fruit is used for 2 ounces of chips.
Ingredients: Jackfruit, Strawberry, non-GMO Sunflower or Rice bran oil, Sea salt.



No kids were harmed during the testing of our products-they’re still coming back for more 🙂

This is a pleasant alternative chip!