FUNoodle Spicy Noodles

This one was done with Mom’s assistance, for she is the one who loves spicy food. I kept her busy until she ended up with a spicy formulation that would not burn the roof off my mouth. This product is gluten free and has no MSG added for flavor enhancement. We use non-GMO rice noodles, which are air dried as opposed to fried, that rehydrate in hot water in just 5 minutes(no need for a microwave oven). The spices and vegetables are also non-GMO and the sodium content is less than half that of leading brands. A mini-meal that will hit the spot every time.

Always ready


Our cups offer convenience with clean ingredients that will have your taste buds doing cartwheels in your mouth. Take one with you so if you are on a ‘plane, out camping or visiting you can enjoy a quick mini meal by adding only hot water. Please tell your friends about us. We need your help to continue bringing better products to consumers all over the planet. BTW, there are no batteries included 🙂 but there is a cute foldable fork in every cup! Both cup and fork can be re-used or repurposed.

Please remember to recycle.