Care package for your loved one.

Surprise Grandma, a friend, your favorite college student, a helpful neighbor or anyone that you want to wish well.

Oma’s Own noodle cup

1 of each of our Oma’s Own noodle cups-3 varieties-grandma’s no chicken noodles(vegan), spicy noodles(vegan) and Asian Memories noodles(vegetarian).

Oma’s Own bouillon cubes

1 of each of our Oma’s Own bouillon cubes-3 varieties-Grandma’s no chicken, Grandma’s no beef and Grandma’s vegetable medley(all vegan).

Oma’s Own crunchy fruit chips

1 of each of our Oma’s Own crunchy fruit chips-4 varieties-mango, mango/strawberry, jackfruit/strawberry and Banana/strawberry.

Just $25.00 plus shipping.

Double up for $15.00 more.

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