Maplegrove Foods LLC

Company information


Maplegrove Foods LLC is an offspring of Maplegrove Food & Beverage Corporation, Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods Inc & Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods Manufacturing.

The first company was based in Canada and was involved in the manufacturing of North America’s first brand of Gluten Free Pasta along with a line of healthy beverages.

Moving to the United States led to the creation of Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods Inc. and Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods Manufacturing. After exiting the pasta world the founders then created a new company – Maplegrove Foods LLC. This new company is multi-faceted and is involved in bringing a wide range of new products to the North American market.


Our position has allowed for introduction of a wide range of Asian and South American brands to major North American retailers. We directly market fruit chips in the USA and Canada and this is a result of investments with partners around the world.

Our plans include producing instant meals under the Oma’s Own™ brand as well as private label. This healthy, gluten free product line will feature instant rice noodles without MSG, high levels of sodium and other hard to pronounce chemicals. The three varieties are Grandma’s No Chicken Noodles, Spicy Noodles and Asian Memories Noodles. They rehydrate with hot water are ready to slurp down (as a nutritious mini meal) in just 5 minutes.

Oma wanted this line to be tasty, nutritious, and safe for kids to eat. Additional plans include the production of Organic savory snacks and breakfast cereals.

We are a company that believes in sustainable agriculture, fairness to all with whom we come into contact, respect for life in all of its myriad forms and the responsibility for the care of the only known outpost for life — our blue marble, our home , Mother Earth.