Care package for your loved one.

Surprise Grandma, a friend, your favorite college student, a helpful neighbor or anyone that you want to wish well.

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Oma’s Own is

crunchy & delicious


Real food for a hungry planet. A cupful of wholesomeness. Oma’s Own non-fried cup of noodles is non gmo, gluten free, lower in sodium than the leading brands, contains no MSG, chemicals or artificial colors, and is just about 150 calories. Tasty-they’re so good that your taste buds will do cartwheels in your mouth!

Grandma’s Vegan Soup Cube

Gluten Free Vegetarian Bouillon Soup

  • Made with Non-Sulphited Vegetables & Non-Irradiated Spices
  • Free of active yeast or hydrogenated oils
  • Sodium only 192 mg per 1/2 cube serving
  • Non GMO
  • Great with stews, sauces and flavoring rice and pasta.
  • Convenient 6 cubes pack for at home or on-the-go convenience

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